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Bi-Boyfriend or Bye Boyfriend? [22 Jul 2009|01:32pm]


Ah, the boyfriend; strong, passionate, compassionate , attentive, gentle, and sexy. Well, at least one day out of the year. The rest of the time? Jobless, penniless, angry, addicted to video game (yes, one), cigarettes, marijuana, beer, and porn.

We’ve always been the extremely passionate, lovey dovey couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other and who felt no one in the world ever knew them better. Perhaps always isn’t the right choice of word, but that’s how it felt until this past year. It would seem something came up lacking.

This last chapter in our relationship involves a little background knowledge. I have known for quite some time that he is attracted to… well, certain accessories the powers that be never granted me; my legs cross without anything getting in the way, if you catch my drift. I am well aware of this fact because of my own insanity. He has been known to lie to me about the most obscure and irrelevant occurrences, which, naturally leads me to snoop beyond the normal limitations. I’m not proud of it by any means, but I rationalize it by telling myself if he's lying about THAT what bigger skeletons are hiding in that boys' closet? I have been known to look through his phone, computer, emails, pockets, etc. Psycho, right? The thing that drives me is that I ALWAYS find something displeasing. Sometimes it’s as harmless as a rude text message to his best friend, other times a lot worse.

A few months ago, riffling through his phone, as I do, I found a string of unsettling text messages. I’ll spare the details, but the gist of them were a meeting of the sexual kind between him and No-Name-Number, including condom checks and comments like “she would kill us if she knew what we were doing” She, of course, being me. Outraged I called the number, wouldn’t you? No-Name-Number didn’t answer, but the voicemail of Michael did. After several weeks of fighting, lies and calling Michael as well as my boyfriend, it was disclosed; at least to the best of my knowledge. They met on the devil site, Craigslist, and within an hour, took it to our bed. My boyfriend claims he couldn’t go through with it, and opted to watch Michael pleasure his well blessed accessories (on my bed). My boyfriend also claimed curiosity killed the cat (I'm assuming here the "cat" was his homosexual fantasies) and he didn’t have any feelings towards men, transvestites, penises in general, after that.

I believed him for at least a month. We didn’t fight and we were back to being disgustingly affectionate. When we did have an argument it was over the fact that I wanted a cat but we couldn’t because of his dogs or about what to cook for dinner and it never escaladed into a yelling match. Actually, it was more like foreplay in the way we prefixed everything with baby and said it in voices normally suited for talking to an infant.

Then, I noticed the abrupt decline in our sexual life. I know this to be a sign of something amiss. I once again donned my psycho girlfriend hat and went in search of wrongdoings. That boy of mine always delivers. The internet porn activity on his computer didn’t have a vagina in sight. So much for the dead cat, which of course, is a horribly disturbing image, forget I said it. I wasn’t surprised and I wasn’t mad. I think most of me just felt like a fool. I had trusted him again… and again, I got burned. I rationalized that it was only porn, a liberty I feel is allowed in an exclusive relationship, and chalked it up to my submissive nature in the bedroom in need of changing. I became more aggressive, holding the reins, if you will, in our sex life. I felt good, empowered, but it lapsed back into our normal routine after a couple of months.

Over this past weekend, I noticed a webcam advertisement pop-up on his computer; and then another one, and another. My first thought was it must be a virus he contracted. Then, I thought about the fact that he’s been spending all of his time in front of his computer playing his game lately and we hadn’t had sex in awhile. I decided to let the psycho back out for her routine digging. The boys record is flawless. This time, he answered yet another craigslist posting. This one was for some webcam play time with a transvestite. He also created a profile on a webcam scam website, hence the pop-ups. With some probing (pardon the pun) I got the truth out of him, sort of.  He admitted to contacting a girl (does that qualify?) and he claims it was harmless because “she” never responded. I fought it for a while, but considering he was drunk, and the conversation wasn’t exactly linear, and I threw in the towel.

So there it is, in a nutshell. Why don’t I leave the bastard before the viruses are no longer attached to only his computer but perhaps to my genitals and my very soul? I suppose it’s because I’m a pushover, one. Two, I am no saint myself. Our very relationship started while I was in another long-term relationship (which, ended in the unthinkable, I left the steady for the other man, turns out it does happen occasionally, Sally) and three, I am crazy about him. I don’t consider myself to ever have low self-esteem, save public speaking, or even to have “daddy issues” but here I am, in a relationship I’d peg as destructive to any one of my girlfriends in the same boat. I suppose love makes us blind, stupid even. I know if he asked me to marry him, I’d probably say yes. I don’t want to be a beard and I don’t want to set woman’s rights back a hundred years by smiling and hiding it like a good little housewife but there is some supernatural force willing me to stay put. As hard as I try to struggle from its grasp, I can’t. Is it love that holds me here? Lust? Fear? Devotion? I don’t know. I’m hoping the stars will align and it will all become clear. When that day finally comes, I’m buying a cat, perferably alive.

what would you do?

love advice [12 Nov 2006|10:53am]

so me and my ex recently broke up in february after being together 2 years because he decided to cheat. it was really hard at first to talk to him but now that i'm getting over the whole situation we talk and hang out. he told me he loves me and he basically opened up his heart to me recently which he has been holding in since we broke up. we dont want to get together right now because we're both really busy and it just wouldnt work. right now we are friends but we act like bf/gf...we hang out a lot and cuddle and stuff. the thing is...when we dont hang out he ignores me sometimes, he barely calls, or he just can be a dick. he will also pick fights with me. but when we're together hes sweet and everything. i dont get it. and now,because i love him so much, its starting to really hurt and ive tried talking to him and he pulls the i dont know what im doing im not doing anything card. i have no idea what to do. should i drop him? should i line him out? i have no idea. i feel like hes my world but then when things go wrong i dont want him in my life at all. what should i do?
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Dilemma [27 Oct 2006|02:39pm]

how do you break it to your ex-boyfriend that he was almost a daddy?
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love advice [21 Jul 2006|10:34pm]

ok so i need some advice

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Help me...? [28 Oct 2005|09:08pm]

Hi everyone, i'm Lauren and I really need advice!

More than a year ago I met an awesome guy that I had so many things in common with. After being good friends for six months, we started going out and I was so happy. I had never met anyone so trustworthy and brilliant. However, throughout the past year, I’ve felt things deteriorate. I don’t really understand if this is normal in a relationship and we should just try and fix things up, or if we should just call it quits and stop kidding ourselves. Let me explain further:

My boyfriend is a wonderful person and I want him in my life regardless of whether he is my boyfriend or not, but after about three or four months of blissfully going out, I found that I couldn’t always love him. I would always feel it on and off. For a couple of weeks I would convince myself that it wasn’t working, but then something would happen and I’d be happy again until the next time I doubted it all. I’ve never had a relationship so special, so I really have nothing to compare it to. Is it normal to feel this way, or do I need to stop kidding myself and make a final decision to stay in or get out? This on and off feeling is really stressing me out, but if that’s part of a regular relationship, I don’t want to be a quitter.

There are also some things about him that I can no longer deal with as much as I did in the first place. To begin with, I really dislike his best friend. I’ve talked about this with his mother and she isn’t particularly fond of him either. My boyfriend only knows that she doesn’t like him and often to complains about it to me. He knows nothing about the way I feel because I know how he would react. I make a point of not being around his best friend because I don’t want to upset my boyfriend and create any unnecessary drama. I don’t expect him to choose between his best friend and myself, but I would like to let him know that I believe that his best friend is not good for him, and may even hurt him or be a major inconvenience to him as life goes on.
My boyfriend is a musician and I allow him to spend less time with me so he can practice. I want him to be happy, but lately I’ve just been feeling that he hasn’t been doing enough to contribute to this “dream career” of his. I don’t see him for days and when I ask him what he’s been doing, it sounds like he’s just been sitting around drinking and getting high with that freak-of-nature best friend of his. It makes me really upset because he’s very talented and my dad works in the music industry and could supply my him with endless contacts… but still, he doesn’t come up with anything. I just get the feeling that he’d be doing more with himself if his best friend would stop slowing him down.

I really can’t describe how I feel any more. I’m depressed because at the beginning, I thought I would always feel that way, and don’t know if I’ll ever find anyone else who I have so much in common with. He is so talented and special, but I don’t think I could stay with him if he kept going on like this. I feel myself changing and sometimes It seems like he’s slowing me down, but at the same time, I need him so much, and I don’t know what I’ll do without the little things he’s given me over the past year. I just want to make my mind up. I can’t bear to keep flip-flopping on this. It’s not fair on him.

Has anyone ever been in a situation like this? I’d really appreciate some input because this decision is proving to be one of the most painful and draining things I’ve had to do. Please help me.

(Cross-posted all over the shop.)
what would you do?

In Absolute Devastation...I REALLY Need Advice! :-( [03 May 2005|02:21pm]

*Crossposted in other forums*
Dear Readers,
My name is Laura, and I'm 21 years old. This is the first time I've ever come into this community, and I am in some absolute desperate need of advice. The situation I'm about to discuss is going to involve a LOT of details, so for your convenience, I will use a LiveJournal cut for those who do not want their friends' page taking up so much room. Please, anyone and everyone who does read this, I really need all the help I can get. Well, here goes:

The Mistake Of Going For My Best Friend's Ex-BoyfriendCollapse )

Please, ANYONE, I'm begging you...Weigh in on the situation. What should I do? About Marcy? About Ron? Should I bother contacting Ron? Should I tell Marcy what went on? How should I do it, and when? Please, pleeeease anyone...Help me out here. Thank you!!
what would you do?

[31 Dec 2004|04:54pm]
i'm seventeen.
i'm in highschool.
until a few days ago, i had been dating one boy for about a year.

our relationship was pretty good.
he was good to me. he told me he loved me.
we trusted and cared about eachother.

he was kind of posessive, though.
this bothered me.

i spent less & less time with friends, and more time with him. we were like an organism. it was made sort of okay by the fact that most of our friends were couples as well.

sometimes things weren't so gerat.
i'd get annoyed by his possesive-oucity or he'd feel like i wasn't giving him enough attention and we'd get in little fights. they always ended happily, but nothing was ever resolved.

i kept a notebook that served as a journalagendasketchbook that i'd write in quite frequently.

one day it went missing.

i was worried, worried, worried.
things had been less good than bad recently & i didn't want [boyfriend] to read it. i didn't want anyone to read it.
of course, it ended up with [boyfriend]. an argument about privacy and trust resulted.

after a day of intense unpleasantness, it was decided that
1. he would be less posessive, more understanding
2. i wouldn't do anything silly behind his back
3. we should be able to trust eachother

it all seemed quite authentic.
of course, it was nearly the same set of agreements that had finished previous fights.

things looked like they'd be more or less okay.

ENTER [boy].

[boy] is a friend of mine. i've known him for over a year. when we met, he had a girlfriend.
i had a crush on him. he ives in a different city where he goes to university. right now he is not dating anyone. he knew things weren't going well with [boyfriend] and i.

so, we spend a day together. make cookies. talk a lot. we hadn't seen eachother for a few months and there were lots of things going on. it's getting late & the last batch of cookies are in the oven. we kiss.

it turns out, he'd considered leaving his girlfriend for me over the summer.
it turns out, he'd liked me all along.


two days later & i'm at his house. my mother calls to say that the weather is horrible and that she'd feel safer if i'd sleep over there. it isn't safe to be driving. one person has died in an accident. it was like a sign.

[boy] leaves to mexico with his family the next day.

i avoid calling [boyfriend]. i feel guilty. kind of.
at the same time, i'm aware that being with [boy] makes me feel much better than being with [boyfriend].

i talk to my friend. she says that i probably shouldn't be dating [boyfriend] andyway. she says that we should break up.

this seems like a decent idea.
i'm scared, though. i hate breaking up.

boxing day & [boyfriend] calls me. i eventually tell him that we should stop dating eachother.
tears, on both sides of the phoneline.
he does not understand.
no mention of [boy].

on msn, later in the day he asks me WHY?
he is not taking this well. nor am i, really.

i tell him that i kissed [boy].
he goes beserk. it never occured to him. things seemed like they were going so well. we had just fixed everything. how could i do this to him? he loved me so much. i am a whore. i am a monster. etc.

i feel very horrible.

the next day i can't find him. he is not online. he is not at home.
i miss him.

nighttime, he appears online. he had been with his friend all day.
he is going to go to a different city for a while
to begin to get over me.

he hates me for what i've done and won't accept appologies.
he loved me so much.

i have not seen him since.

now, you see
i don't know what i want.
i go through phases where i think
"oh, i'm better off without [boyfriend]."
but shortly after, i feel lonely and depressed again.

i have not heard a word from [boyfriend], and [boy] has not replied to my e-mail. that being said, he is in mexico and may not have read it.

what do you think i should do ?
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[10 Dec 2004|07:52pm]
I've heard that you should never follow someone to college. So I guess that's what I need advice on.

There are two universities I'm tossing up between, and for convenience, let's call them A and B.

University A is three hours' away from home. It's in a city I'm partly familiar with and I'd feel comfortable there knowing that I've seen some of the things around me.

University B is a plane ride away from home. I have never ever been even to the city it is in.

Both universities are the leading schools for media studies, which is what I'm planning to study. University B, however, has a department that is headed by one of the most respected media commentators in the country.

My dilemma is, the boy I've probably been in love with a few times is going to University B. We've never been in the right situation to get together, and I don't even know if he feels the same way. But I kind of feel like given the right situation, it could happen. Then again, I don't know if this is just teenage infatuation and following him to University B would be the biggest mistake of my life.

Where do I go?

(cross posted)
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i hope this is okay [24 Feb 2004|07:26pm]
what would you do if you want to have sex with your ex who you truly love, but they don't feel the same way about you, and are afraid of hurting you because of how you feel and how they don't, as well as being afraid of you thinking it might lead to thinking it's another kind of relationship? the 'you' in there is 'me' lol go figure.

how do you deal with finding out exes you still care about having sex with someone else and it getting to you, if it does?
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I guess its about time I update about last night. Blah, I`ve been thinking about it for a while now.

Okay, well...

Shana and I decieded to go swimming yesterday, except, we never really went swimming. We picked her up at the church and then went to her sisters house, got the key to the little private pool place, and went there to wait for deejay. Then... we decided to go shoot pool, or whatever. So, uh, we go to McDonalds, and then to Andreas to tell her we were going to go. From there it was Pat, DeeJay, Shana, and I... so we go, get our table, and everyone shows up a little later on. Brittany and Kelly show up later too. Well, I thought Donny and Chris were going to come too, but they didn`t... because Donny had to go get his friends back or something in Hearne. I don`t know, he didn`t tell me exactly what he was going to do, and its not like I really need to know, its not my business or anything... but, I tell Chris and Donny to leave the door open, incase we wanna go back to their house and chill for a while... but, somehow lots of unwated drama started to happen while shooting pool... because Andrea didnt want Shana leaving with DeeJay by herself... and yadda yadda yadda. Plus, I think Shana wanted him gone too, so uh, she acted like she was crying, and then we left. In the parking lot, haha, Shana was like... catchin a tude' with him. It was funny as hell, I didn`t want to laugh. He kept saying her name wrong like Sheena or something, and she was like "Its Shana" lmfao. It was great... you would have had to be there though. So, uh, Brittany, Kelly, Shana, and I leave, and Kelly, Shana, and I go back to Andreas house... and when we are fixing to turn off of Hwy 21, we saw that the dude DeeJay was following us... so we`re like What the fuck? Well, we go to her house and we all get inside and Brittany leaves, then uh, Brittany calls? or we call Brittany? I`m not sure which one it was... and she tells us that DeeJay is now following her. So, we`re all like what the fuck!!! well, I was going to tell Donny and Chris to go beat his ass when they got home, but they got home after Brittany finally made it to her house. Shana called DeeJay when Brittany was on the phone, and he said he was at the gas station on Hwy 21 by Andreas house? Who knows. But, just knowing he followed us HOME, makes me dislike him even more.

Donny and Chris finally show up, and we put in War of the Buttons... while trying to find someone to take us back out to the church, Donny and Chris couldnt because their cars//trucks are too small, and plus they had both been drinking. So, finally they get Agfu to come... and while they were on the cell phone with him, Amanda called and told me to tell Chris and Donny to get up to her work because some guy was up there and wouldn`t leave her alone. So, Chris and Donny jump up, and I was like "I wanna go!!!" so, I left with Donny and Chris to see what was going on. I guess Agfu picked Shana and Kelly up, because when we got back they were gone. Well, on the way to her work... I couldn`t stop laughing because Chris and Donny put on some music and started dancing, putting their legs out the window and all this other crazy shit... it was funny. But, when we got there, there was this black guy... BIG black old guy, standing there just watching Amanda clean up. Donny busted in the store and was like "When the fuck you close this store?" and Chris just kinda stood there looking at the old guy. Donny and I took all the trash out and everything so we could get out of there faster, and Chris stood up front to watch the guy. Well, Amanda introduced Chris to him, and she said "This is my husband Chris' and right after she said that, he took off. HAHA. I would have been scared too... Amanda said she found out he was a sex offender too. Thats scary... and he gave her his NUMBER. Umm okay? What the fuck? Don`t do that. Thats uncool. Donny was going to take it and prank call it, but he didn`t.

Well, when we got back to the house... Ben and Mike and everyone else was there dropping Andrea off before they went to drop everyone else off... and, I got out of the car, and Donny was getting into it with this boy in the back of bens truck... at first I thought they were just playing, but I walked up there, and I could tell Donny was pissed off... he kept telling the guy to get out of the truck, and the guy wouldn`t... and I was like "Stop Donny! Just come on..." trying to get him to just walk away from it. Then, Jerry, the dudes brother stepped outta the truck... and started talking shit to Donny, and everyone was holding Jerry back, telling him to get in the truck again... no one was holding Donny back except me, because they all knew he could take them on and kick their ass, but I was, because thats just not cool. So, Donny and I went inside, and the dudes were like "We`ll be back, and I`ll cut all yall." and all this other bullshit. So, that was that... it took Donny a few minutes to cool down and everything.

Well, everyone went to bed finally, and Donny and I were going to stay up and watch a movie... well, we did infact watch it... but, after it was over. Things happened. No clothes came off or anything like that... but, touching and shit did... I didn`t really want to take it to that level yet... but I guess its too late now? I mean, no its not too late because I can talk to him about it and everything... but, I`m just... confused about it, or, I don`t know what I am about it. I just don`t want it to turn into a sexual relationship... not right now. I just wanna take it all slow, and day by day. There isn`t any sense in rushing into anything you know? and plus, if you fuck a guy once, he`ll think you`ll fuck him again... I`m just not ready to take it to that level... I`m really really trying to trust him, because I know I can, and I know I should... but with whats happened to me in the past with guys, its hard to. I know he would never do anything bad to me, but I`m just not over everything thats happened in the past... and I think, I really need to be over all that, before I take it a step further with anyone else... right? I mean, I know I`ll never be able to fully get over what happened... but, I can at least, really come to terms with it... and know that every guy isn`t like that. I KNOW every guy isn`t like that, but, everytime I get close ((physically)) with a guy, I just shut down, and back away... I don`t know. I trust Donny... I think. No, I know I do... but I`m just scared that maybe the past will repeat itself again... because I trusted TJ fully at the begining... and then, look what he did. You know? Who says that it wont happen that way? I shouldn`t think like that. But, I can`t help it.

Also, I want to tell my mom about Donny, except I don`t know how to. He is *3* years older than me. I know, thats really not bad at all... thats a lot better than 5, like with David. So, maybe she`ll be okay with it? I really hope so. But, if she is okay with that... I`m not sure... she`ll be okay... with him having a kid, because she will say that I don`t need to get involved, because I`ll end up raising it, because he could be a "dead beat dad" but, he isn`t. I`ve watched him with her, and he is so good with her... he really is. But, I don`t know how she will take that. I mean, if you really think about it, that should be ever MORE reason for her to respect him, because he IS TAKING CARE OF HER, and he is going to try and get full custody of her too. You know? That just shows that he is responsible and takes care of her... but, I just don`t know HOW she will react to that. You know?

So, do you think I should come out straight and tell her that he has a kid? or should I let her get to know him, and then... tell her? or should I let him bring her over when they first meet, so she knows straight up, and so she can see how he is with her? Or... what?
what would you do?

[02 Jun 2003|03:54pm]
My best friend is experiencning chest pain. She's afraid to tell her mom about it (long story). I tried to conveince her to talk to her doctor, but she won't. Her mom has some heart problems. What do you think I should do?
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[29 Mar 2003|10:20pm]

My tale of love-related woeCollapse )
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[18 Mar 2003|02:05am]

what would you do? http://www.livejournal.com/users/ferretsnax/
what would you do?

What would you do... [01 Mar 2003|08:27pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

if you met this guy who is just wonderful and perfect.... you don't know if he likes you as more than a friend...

your friend introduced the 2 of you and you suspect he may like her as more than a friend, and she is now suddenly single and she would consider him dateable.....

so now, she likes him, you like him, and who knows who he likes? he's known her longer.

would you give up on him and assume your friend will win out, keep trying and hoping, what??

Help. please.

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opinons [13 Jan 2003|01:08am]
[ mood | depressed ]

ok, so I am crossposting like crazy. Sorry for anyone who has seen this more than once.

What would you do if you loved someone, but loving them was hurting you? Try and manage the hurting or stop loving them or what?

...and what would you do if...Collapse )

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What Would You Do....? [03 Jan 2003|12:04am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 7 months, In those 7 months we have had extreamly loving times, but we have also had big fights. Its been a hot and cold relationship. He lives 2 hours away from me which makes it very difficult for both of us because all we want to do is be together.
But for some reason recently he has stopped talking to me. This has happened 3 times before. Twice someone had told him i had cheated on him when i Didn't. He did eventually believe me which is good because i would never do that to him and one other time it turned out he had a accident and was in hospital (which wasnt his fault).
This time i have no idea what is happening. I am ring his mobile over and over and over again everyday hoping he will answer but he never does. When i ring his home phone his housemate always answers and says that my boyfriend has 'just stepped out'. I think that he is just screening the calls for my b/f so he doesnt have to talk to me.
He isnt answering my millions of messages begging him to tell me what is wrong and he isnt commenting on my livejournal.
It is driving me insane being punished over something that i dont know what i did or said. I am running out of things to do or say to him.
so what would you guys do if you were in my position?
Love Rena

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[02 Nov 2002|01:25pm]

this isn't really a "what would you do," but a "what do you think this means?"

there's this guy that i've hooked up with twice (we've had sex on two seperate occasions) and theres been no mention of a realtionship, but he calls me everyday... and when we fall asleep, the first night he had his arm around me, the second, he didn't at first, but eventually did... and in the morning, he gives me a kiss before he leaves and lets me stay in his apartment as long as i want...he also gives me a kiss evry time i stop by his apartment...

so my question is, does this mean that he likes me as more than a friend with benefits, or is that just his way of ensuring that i remain his 'friend'?

also... what should i do about the situation... i think i kinda like him, because he's so sweet to me, but then again, i am not so sure about having a nother relationship because i always get fucked over...

btw... i'm new to this community... *smile*
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Hair dye crisis! [18 Oct 2002|02:46am]
I just tried to dye my hair back to its original color (light brown) from its present black color. I've had my hair dyed black for over 3 months, and I only dyed it twice during the first 2 weeks of having a new color. Well, my hair now has two layers of color. I'm considering just re-dyeing it again a week from now. Hey - that's what I had to do when I tried dyeing my hair black before, so maybe it will work this time as well. Anyway, in the tradition of host Marc Summers, this crisis still begs the question "What would you do?"
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[23 Sep 2002|12:13am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

hi, i just joined, ive joined just about ever other com. steph has made, so why not this one?
thought i would post my delima
ok, so
over the summer i met this girl. she is amazing. i dont have a better time with just about anyone else. it feels so good and right when im with her. i have those stupid crush reactions, like getting nervous over saying things and i cant eat when im around her and stuff. anyways. i fell in love. hard. she has a boyfriend. but we still hang out lots. talk on the phone lots too. but she is still with her boyfriend. it seems she may be sending me some signals, but i could just be reading them wrong. i was pretty messed up about this whole thing, so one night i told her how i felt, got it all out. she didnt really have a whole lot to say, but she still wants to hang out and talk and stuff. so i guess that is a good thing right? but alas she is still with her boy. all i want to do is to hold her or give her a kiss or hold her hand, but i know she has a boyfriend and well i dont want to screw up and type of relationship we have. but then i think it may not screw it up... i dunno im confused, any girls suggestions? i think the main thing to do is just wait it out and heep hanging out and see where that goes, right? did i just answer my own question?
thanks for the thoughts

ps the name of this community reminds me of that old tv show

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