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hi, i just joined, ive joined just about ever other com. steph has made, so why not this one?
thought i would post my delima
ok, so
over the summer i met this girl. she is amazing. i dont have a better time with just about anyone else. it feels so good and right when im with her. i have those stupid crush reactions, like getting nervous over saying things and i cant eat when im around her and stuff. anyways. i fell in love. hard. she has a boyfriend. but we still hang out lots. talk on the phone lots too. but she is still with her boyfriend. it seems she may be sending me some signals, but i could just be reading them wrong. i was pretty messed up about this whole thing, so one night i told her how i felt, got it all out. she didnt really have a whole lot to say, but she still wants to hang out and talk and stuff. so i guess that is a good thing right? but alas she is still with her boy. all i want to do is to hold her or give her a kiss or hold her hand, but i know she has a boyfriend and well i dont want to screw up and type of relationship we have. but then i think it may not screw it up... i dunno im confused, any girls suggestions? i think the main thing to do is just wait it out and heep hanging out and see where that goes, right? did i just answer my own question?
thanks for the thoughts

ps the name of this community reminds me of that old tv show
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