Rejection Junkie (seummerale) wrote in whatwouldyoudo,
Rejection Junkie

this isn't really a "what would you do," but a "what do you think this means?"

there's this guy that i've hooked up with twice (we've had sex on two seperate occasions) and theres been no mention of a realtionship, but he calls me everyday... and when we fall asleep, the first night he had his arm around me, the second, he didn't at first, but eventually did... and in the morning, he gives me a kiss before he leaves and lets me stay in his apartment as long as i want...he also gives me a kiss evry time i stop by his apartment...

so my question is, does this mean that he likes me as more than a friend with benefits, or is that just his way of ensuring that i remain his 'friend'?

also... what should i do about the situation... i think i kinda like him, because he's so sweet to me, but then again, i am not so sure about having a nother relationship because i always get fucked over...

btw... i'm new to this community... *smile*
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