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I've heard that you should never follow someone to college. So I guess that's what I need advice on.

There are two universities I'm tossing up between, and for convenience, let's call them A and B.

University A is three hours' away from home. It's in a city I'm partly familiar with and I'd feel comfortable there knowing that I've seen some of the things around me.

University B is a plane ride away from home. I have never ever been even to the city it is in.

Both universities are the leading schools for media studies, which is what I'm planning to study. University B, however, has a department that is headed by one of the most respected media commentators in the country.

My dilemma is, the boy I've probably been in love with a few times is going to University B. We've never been in the right situation to get together, and I don't even know if he feels the same way. But I kind of feel like given the right situation, it could happen. Then again, I don't know if this is just teenage infatuation and following him to University B would be the biggest mistake of my life.

Where do I go?

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