Harmony (enchanteddkitty) wrote in whatwouldyoudo,

love advice

ok so i need some advice

ive been seeing this guy for a while, about 5 months or so.

But for the last month and a half he hasnt kissed me. Ive spent the night at his house every weekend for about 2 months and we spend almost everyday together. We act like a couple, we go on dates, We cuddle, he holds me, we flirt.. everything.

All my friends think he likes me because of the way he looks at me and how he acts toward me. He does things he doesnt want to do just for me, He'll stay somewhere he doesnt want to be just to make sure im ok. When we cuddle he holds me as tight as he can to the point where he wont let me move. He drove an hour to pick me up the other day just so i wasnt sad. He gets mad when people dont treat me right. and so on.

We have everything that a couple does but the sexual stuff... We used to just not for the last month and a half. Im not sure why it stopped. The day before everything stoped was a perfect romantic night. candle light and everything

A few nights ago he told me that i had an amazing personality and whatnot.

That same night 2 of my friends talked to him about how he feels for me

He told my male friend, that he doesnt know that he used to really like me but now im too much of a friend.

And he told my female friend, that he does know and has known for awhile that he used to like me and right now he just doesnt know.

Everything stopped when we started seeing each other more and when i started staying at his house.

Is there any advice anyone could give me on what could be going on.
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