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love advice

so me and my ex recently broke up in february after being together 2 years because he decided to cheat. it was really hard at first to talk to him but now that i'm getting over the whole situation we talk and hang out. he told me he loves me and he basically opened up his heart to me recently which he has been holding in since we broke up. we dont want to get together right now because we're both really busy and it just wouldnt work. right now we are friends but we act like bf/gf...we hang out a lot and cuddle and stuff. the thing is...when we dont hang out he ignores me sometimes, he barely calls, or he just can be a dick. he will also pick fights with me. but when we're together hes sweet and everything. i dont get it. and now,because i love him so much, its starting to really hurt and ive tried talking to him and he pulls the i dont know what im doing im not doing anything card. i have no idea what to do. should i drop him? should i line him out? i have no idea. i feel like hes my world but then when things go wrong i dont want him in my life at all. what should i do?
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